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Howard B. Waltz
Music Library
303-492-8093 (ph)
303-735-0100 (fx)
Imig, 2nd floor N




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Addison, Wilbur
Alexander, John T.
Bryce, Janie Irene
Byers, Mary Jane
Camp, A.L.
Conilogue, C. E.
Conilogue, Rachel
Cook, Dr. Leroy
Cook, Hazel
Craig, Sam
Crosby, Esther
Eskin, Sam
Gates, Zethyl
Gonzales, Tony
Gonzales, Violet
Graham, Ernest S.
Greer, Beulah
Hull, Lois
Hutchins, Emma
Lumpkin, Ben Gray
Martin, James Harlan
Martin, Martha
Martin, William
Meyers, Foster
Meyers, Frank
Meyers, Mrs. Foster
Ogilvy, J.D.A.
Peyton, James Baxter
Rice, John
Schaupp, Marianna Cummings
Skinner, Ellis K.
Skinner, Lyndon
Smith, Bill
Taylor, Edith Cummings
Thomas, Mary
Trainor, Fred
Turner, Henry
Van Horn, Julia B.
Williamson, Dorothy
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