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Howard B. Waltz
Music Library
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Searching and Browsing the Site

To listen to a song, search or browse for a title such as "Barbara Allen." The "Barbara Allen" song page will appear. You will see an incipit of the first line of the song. Below the incipit, performers who performed the song will be listed. Click on "Listen to Audio" beside the performer's name to hear that version of the song. If there is only one performer listed, we have only one recording of that folk song.

You may also search or browse for a particular performer. If you search for or select Martha Martin from the browse list, you will see a listing of all the songs sung by Martha Martin available through the web site. You can click on "Listen to Audio" beside the song that you wish to hear. Click on the song title to go to a page that provides an incipit, additional information about the song, as well as a link to the audio file.


This site has been designed to function with all web browsers.


The audio on this site is streamed as MP3 files. To listen to the audio, your computer should have a sound card and Flash player version 8 or higher. Download Flash player


If you are using any information from this site, please cite the source as the Howard B. Waltz Music Library, University of Colorado, Boulder and the appropriate web address (URL) of the pages used.

Contact Us

If you have questions about this site or its contents or have additional information on the songs or performers to share, please contact us at

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