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Variant Folk Song Titles


Folk songs often have variant titles. We have listed all the different titles known to us for each song as alternate titles. When a performer called a song by a title that we determined was not the predominant title used across time for the song, we listed the performer's title as an alternative title. For example, "Blind Child's Prayer" is also known as "Blind Girl." All the versions of "Blind Child's Prayer" are listed under that title. Searching by the title "Blind Girl" will provide the same results.

Some of the folk songs we selected are known as parodies of other folk songs. If there is a parody of the song title you are searching, it is retrievable under the title of the original title as well as under its own title. For example, Kansas Man is a parody of Gamblin' Man. If you search for "Gamblin Man", you will also retrieve "Kansas Man." If you search for "Kansas Man," you will also find "Gamblin' Man."

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